Welcome to Queen At Home Lactation Services!

Alyssa Queen RN, IBCLC is the owner and founder of Queen At Home Lactation Services. She is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In the beginning of her career she took care of families throughout all stages of life as a Registered Nurse, in many different areas inpatient and out. It was a beautiful experience, but didn’t quite feel like those areas were her calling. It was after becoming a mother herself, experiencing how transformative, beautiful and sometimes difficult pregnancy, childbirth and lactation was, that she realized where she was supposed to be- with parents and infants!

Since then she has had the privilege of working in all areas of maternal health and particularly lactation and breastfeeding education. While working in a hospital setting is a complete joy (who doesn’t love to see fresh, squishy newborns every day?!), it’s such a finite amount of time and there isn’t a consistent ability to follow up with the families. Thus, Queen At Home Lactation Services was born! In her time at hospitals around the city, Alyssa has helped well hundreds of families on their lactation journey. Over and over she has seen first hand the key to breastfeeding success: prenatal education and preparation and crucially timed support throughout the lactation journey. It takes a village to raise children and to breastfeed/chestfeed them and she is here to help. It has become her passion to help families reach their breastfeeding goals and even thrive beyond them! Go here to see our available services to get started!

Queen At Home Lactation Services is an inclusive practice! We support and include families of all races, ethnicities, faiths, nationalities, marital status, identification as LGTBQIA+, political affiliations or physical, intellectual or Neuro-differences. We love to meet each family exactly where they are at and as they are to help them accomplish their own personal lactation goals and preferences!