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You are in capable hands with all of your lactation needs. Our owner, Alyssa Queen RN, IBCLC,  has helped over hundreds of families on their lactation journey and can help you too! Click here to learn more about her!

Are you having problems?
          – Difficulty latching
          – Painful latch
          – N
ipple pain, soreness or damage
          – Low supply, struggling to “keep up”
          – D
ifficulty pumping
          – Bottle feeding issue
          – Feeding with tongue tie or tethered oral tissue
          – Breast engorgement or pain
          – Low diaper output
          – Low/slow infant weight gain 
          – Reflux 
          – A
llergies/intolerances such as dairy (CMPI) or soy

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We offer online and in-home consultations to address these and any other infant feeding issues you may have. After all consultations we offer complimentary follow-up to check in and address any questions that may arise. There are many services available to meet your needs, as well as cost-saving packages to best set yourself up for success with your lactation goals! All of our services and packages can be found here.

Going to back to work? 
Check out our comprehensive, private class that discusses everything you need to know when going back to work! We will cover how to use your pump, a pumping plan for your specific workplace, how to store your milk and provide it to your baby in the safest way that won’t sabotage your long term breastfeeding/chestfeeding goals. We offer these both online and in-person. Click here to find out all about them! 

We can't wait to meet your family and work together to meet your lactation goals!

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Queen At Home Lactation Services is an inclusive practice! We support and include families of all races, ethnicities, faiths, nationalities, marital status, identification as LGTBQIA+, political affiliations or physical, intellectual or Neuro-differences. We love to meet each family exactly where they are at and as they are to help them accomplish their own personal lactation goals and preferences!